Subaru 5-Speed D/R Swap - November 9, 2003
Castle nut on wheel hub, cross-threaded and ready to fall off
Two jacks under auto trans, ready to drop out of car
Auto trans removed from '87
Auto shifter and linkage removed
Strut/steering knuckle/axle/control arm assemblies removed from '87
Torn axle boot and badly worn ball joint from '87
This is what automatic transmission fluid will do to a tire
Auto pedal assembly before removal
Both pedal assemblies out of vehicles
Some switch on auto pedal assembly (for carbed cars only)
Clutch pedal stop on manual pedal assembly
Bolt used as a clutch pedal stop on auto pedal assembly
My assistant hammering out some issues
Closeup of finished pedal assembly (w/ clutch stop and cable)
Wide view of finished pedal assembly & manual shifter
Homemade transmission lifter (2x4 & ratchet tie-down strap)
Manual transmission installed (left)
Manual transmission installed (right)
Yep, it worked! (skidmarks from front tire)
Rear skidmarks