Sewer Line Replacement - February 3, 2004
Looking down into the trench (pipe is in lower-left of trench)
Same as above, different angle
Trackhoe arriving
Unloading the trackhoe
Trackhoe parked in my front yard
Panorama of front yard from street
Panorama of front yard from porch
Gas main (nicked by the backhoe)
New pipe connected to old pipe
Trackhoe tearing up asphalt
The first bit of trench being filled in
Michael trying to get in the way
Measuring depth of new sewer line (and Big Russ)
Entire site from the north
Entire site from the south
Uncovering the old sewer line where it meets up with the main
Close-up of old sewer line
The part of the old line that was clogged
New sewer line almost plumbed to main
Two guys working on the connection to the main
New sewer line cemented to main
Asphalt cutter & ground compactor (and Big Russ again!)
Aftermath - from street
Aftermath - from house